Caddie Chip

The Next Generation of golf GPS systems


Accesses more than 60,000 golf courses worldwide, if your course isn't listed, we will fully refund your money on the return of The Caddie Chip


The Caddie Chip does everything a good caddie does, and it's the size of a poker chip:


Tells you the distance to the green (front, center or rear in yards or metres)

Tells you the distance to hazards and layup distances

Tells you how far you have hit the ball

Shows the position of your ball on the fairway

Shows the location of hazards

Shows the trajectory to reach the green or position on the fairway

Keeps a history of your shots

Contains an electronic scorecard for your course



So it does the caddies job, except hand you the club and rake the bunkers.


The Caddie Chip is a highly accurate GPS device the size of a poker chip. It syncs via blutooth to a free app that you download onto your smartphone. The Caddie chip comunicates with the app on your phone to provide positioning of your ball on the high-resolution satellite image of the fairway. By pressing a button on the Caddie Chip your phone will tell you the distance to the green by voice and via the screen on you phone. By moving your finger on the smartphone screen you can plan where you would like to land your ball, tell distances to hazards and plan your next shot.


Works with iPhone and Android devices so YOU WILL NEED A SMARTPHONE 


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